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Redminn Industrial is a specialised provider of Flow Control solutions to a select client base.

We base and sustain these relationships by offering strong technical and commercial support through our understanding of requirements and specifications on a broad range of industrial projects.

The company provides a value added service underpinned by strong ethical and technical principles. Redminn ensures that flow control solutions are designed to meet “fit for purpose” applications through close understanding and interaction with its business partners.

Our Industries

Oil & Gas

Redminn has the capability to support a full range of high quality valves both upstream and downstream. These products include severe service butterfly, gate check and trunnion mounted ball valves. Product solutions are fully compliant and material and test certificates are provided.


Redminn can offer a large range of knife gate, ball, butterfly, check and control valves and actuators for high wear applications as experienced in the mining industry.

Food & Beverage

Redminn has a comprehensive range of high quality sanitary grade products that can be used in a broad range of applications in the food and beverage industry. These products include butterfly, check, plug and ball valves as well as a wide range of fittings, strainers and couplings.


Gate Valves RM 411

Gate Valves

Gate Valves RM 411

Knife Gate Valves

Gate Valves RM 411

Ball Valves

Gate Valves RM 411

Butterfly Valves

General Industry

Redminn has a broad range of valves which can be used in multiple applications in the general industrial environment. These include gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, knife gate, pressure relief and control valves

Water/Waste Water

Redminn can provide a diverse range of products and valves to suit different applications in water and wastewater industries which include, ball, knife gate, globe, butterfly, gate, check, diaphragm valves and y-strainers.


Redminn can provide numerous products specifically suited to the petrochemical industry that include, safety relief valves, heavy-duty actuators, high-performance butterfly valves and a range of ball and check valves suited to these applications.